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What is CASA? 

CASA |ˈkɑsə | n. 1. A Court Appointed Special Advocate is an unbiased and fierce protector of an abused or neglected child going through the trauma of the court system. 

For an abused or neglected child, a CASA volunteer is someone who listens to the child, fights for the child, and whose sole mission is to help clear a path for the child out of the complex, overburdened child welfare system and into a safe, permanent home. CASA volunteers are in a unique position to be the only professional in the courtroom not paid to be there and are only beholden to the children's best interests. We know that the CASA model works. Research has shown that a child with a CASA volunteer is half as likely to enter long-term foster care compared to a child without a CASA. And once that child leaves the system, he or she is much more likely to stay out of foster care. Permanently.

Happy Little Girl
CASA Yamhill County

Brighter Futures and Stronger Communities

Children who have experienced abuse or neglect fare better with a CASA volunteer by their side. Studies have shown:

They are more likely

to find a safe, permanent home


They are more likely

to succeed in



They are half as likely

to re-enter the foster care system

"History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children."

Nelson Mandela

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