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Our Role

What is the role of CASA?


A CASA is the judge's eyes and ears outside of the courtroom and the child's voice inside of the courtroom.Each case is as unique as the child or children involved. The CASA will submit a report of their observations to the judge and all case parties at any and all hearings and reviews. In addition, a CASA report will list any recommendations they have for additional services and support for the child and their family. The CASA will also make recommendations to help determine if it is in a child’s best interest to stay with his or her parents or guardians, be placed in foster or relative care, or be freed for permanent adoption. We wholeheartedly strive for collaboration with all case parties and community partners. We faithfully believe that in most cases, it is in the best interests for children to remain in, or reunite with, their family as soon as their family is safe and stable and has the knowledge and resources for that child to thrive and to move forward a stronger family. 

In fulfilling this child-centered role, a CASA performs four separate functions:

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An INVESTIGATOR whose task is to uncover all relevant facts and report them to the court.

An ADVOCATE for the best interest of the child in the courtroom and in the child welfare and social services systems, identifying resources and services in the child’s best interest.

A FACILITATOR  to ensure that the court, Department of Human Services, if applicable, and the child or ward’s attorney, if any, fulfill their obligations to the child or ward in a timely fashion.

A MONITOR who ensures that court orders are being followed and all services are provided in a timely manner and who brings to the court’s attention any new developments, changes, or concerns.

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